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Here are the prompts! We ended up with 176 fandoms covered! ...And around 500 prompts, give or take. Far more than we could count by hand, at the least! ^^;

You can't officially claim a prompt, though you are free to list which ones interest you most in the comments. :3

For now, you may browse through the prompt list at your leisure. )
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Welcome to the first-round Yuri Challenge prompt post!

Just a few quick guidelines, and then let's get started:
1. This challenge is for anime, manga, manhua, manhwa and video game fandoms, so please make sure the source text for your fandom falls in one of those categories.
2. Remember: all the relationships in your prompts should involve female-identified characters only.
3. Your prompt should contain the fandom name and the pairing name, spelled out (please don't use abbreviations, namesmooshes, or ship names), and some kind of prompt to go with it. The prompt can be as simple as a single word, or as complicated as a full summary -- just remember, the best prompts leave some flexibility for the author/artist to bring hir own creativity to the table!
4. You may leave a total of 25 prompts, but no more than 3 for any one pairing.


Bleach, Rukia/Orihime, a warm spring day
Final Fantasy XIII, Fang/Vanille, I'll be a soldier for you / protect you and the city surrounding too
Any fandom, any pairing, It wasn't until the crisis hit that she realized how much she'd come to rely on her.

Prompts are screened, so that the list will be a surprise when it gets posted. This post will be open for new prompts until 10:00pm US Pacific time on Friday, March 4 (time zone conversion for the rest of the world).

Ready? Go!

Prompting for round one is now closed!
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