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I made a few banners for advertising and uh, got carried away. ^^; So I figure, why not let people help us advertise in their own journals? Clearly, it's a more noble purpose than "I am bored and have access to a trial copy of Photoshop."

So here we go, a galore of graphics to choose from! )
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Your enthusiasm and creativity has been fabulous! We've been open for prompts for less than two full days, and we already have more than 60 fandoms represented in the prompt list. Keep 'em coming! :D

If you'd like to advertise us, either in your own journal or in communities you belong to (make sure to check community policies first and make sure advertising is okay!), you are welcome to use our banners:

image cut )

Thank you all for your support! We're off to a great start. ♥
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