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Just a quick reminder: you now have a little less than two weeks to finish your works for Yuri Challenge Valentine's! The deadline is February 10, and there will be another reminder when we get closer.

When your work is complete, you'll need to post it to the AO3 collection:

Choosing "Your Assignment" from the left menu, and then choosing the "Fulfill" button at the bottom of your assignment page, will get you to the Post New form with the collection and recipient name already filled in.

If you need to drop out, go to the "Your Assignment" page and select the "Default" button. You don't need to do anything else; the archive will notify us automatically that we have an assignment in need of a pinch hit.

Technical Difficulties: if you use the AO3 regularly, you've probably noticed it's been laggy lately. Please, if you can, try to give yourself a little breathing room for posting difficulties! The coders are working on it and we have our fingers crossed that they'll work out the performance issues before the deadline, but it wouldn't hurt to plan for difficulties. If you can finish a little early, it's probably a good idea!

Good luck to everyone who's still working (and congrats to our early finishers who have already posted)!
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Posting will open tomorrow! :D

The minimum requirements are: 500 words for fic, a clean pencil sketch for art, 30 seconds for an AMV. Your work will go under a cut and any sort of teaser/thumbnail you use must be worksafe despite the content of the piece itself.

Tagging will be handled by the mods this round so don't worry about that. :)

Posting format:
For the subject line: Title of piece, Fandom, Pairing

Use this header for the piece:

Warning: (Note: You MUST warn for suicidal/selfharm themes, dub/non-con and underage sex with characters 16 or younger. You may also say 'Choose not to use warnings' if you wish. 'Contains: peanuts' is not the sort of warning that we'll need.)
Word Count/Image dimensions/AMV length: (whichever one is applicable)
Teaser: (optional)

Again, your work will go under a cut. If you don't know how to make a cut for a post, read the FAQ on it.

Now go out and have fun! :D
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