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Just a quick reminder: you now have a little less than two weeks to finish your works for Yuri Challenge Valentine's! The deadline is February 10, and there will be another reminder when we get closer.

When your work is complete, you'll need to post it to the AO3 collection:

Choosing "Your Assignment" from the left menu, and then choosing the "Fulfill" button at the bottom of your assignment page, will get you to the Post New form with the collection and recipient name already filled in.

If you need to drop out, go to the "Your Assignment" page and select the "Default" button. You don't need to do anything else; the archive will notify us automatically that we have an assignment in need of a pinch hit.

Technical Difficulties: if you use the AO3 regularly, you've probably noticed it's been laggy lately. Please, if you can, try to give yourself a little breathing room for posting difficulties! The coders are working on it and we have our fingers crossed that they'll work out the performance issues before the deadline, but it wouldn't hurt to plan for difficulties. If you can finish a little early, it's probably a good idea!

Good luck to everyone who's still working (and congrats to our early finishers who have already posted)!
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What it says on the tin! The challenge signups are closed (final numbers: 39 signups!) and the archive software is generating matches right now.

If all goes well and we have matches for everyone, you'll see them in your inbox within the next few hours. If there's anybody we can't match, I'll be doing some modly gymnastics and contacting people to try to get that worked out.

\o\ /o/

ETA: Everyone had at least one match! You should see assignments in your inbox soon. If they don't arrive, check your spam folder; you can also find your assignment by going to the collection home page and clicking the "Your Assignment" link in the sidebar.
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It's a busy week for us, affiliating with other communities!

When our first round started, a few people brought up the possibility of opening the challenge to other kinds of f-f relationships rather than just romantic/sexual. I'm happy to say that [community profile] female_fest is addressing that need: they're currently accepting fic/art prompts in any fandom, focusing on any kind of relationship between female characters.

Check them out!
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One more week left in March, which means one more week of this round of Yuri Challenge! (Don't worry, we're not going to disable posting, so if you finish up something late you're welcome to add it in April.)

We've had some wonderful pieces produced already -- thank you all for your enthusiasm and creativity! And good luck to everyone who's still writing or drawing. We'd love to see your contributions also!

There is now a Yuri Challenge collection on the Archive of Our Own, so if you post your work to the AO3 consider adding your works there! (You can either use the "post to collection" button from the challenge page, or put "yurichallenge" in the "Post to collections/challenges" field about halfway down the post-new-work page.)

If you don't have an account on the AO3 but would like one, I have several spare invites for challenge participants. PM [personal profile] cypher with your email address if you'd like me to send you one. :3

Hope to see more awesome things from you all in the next week!
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This is it! You have just over 24 hours to get your prompts in, before we finalize the list! If you've been waiting to come up with the perfect list, don't wait too much longer. ^_^

Here's where you leave your prompts!

And a bit of other business:

During the prompting period, we've heard from several people who'd like to see the challenge expanded in various ways -- allowing more fandoms, allowing more kinds of relationships -- and we're thrilled to see so much interest! We'll definitely take all these things into consideration when it's time to plan for round two. (Look at us -- we haven't even finished the first part of round one yet, and already thinking about round two. You've shown us so much enthusiasm!)

But we also worry about having this challenge get too broadly focused for us to be able to keep up with it or promote it effectively. We chose the current limits because these are parts of fandom where we have some personal investment, and because it's really important to us to encourage more representation of queer women's relationships.

So if this round isn't entirely meeting your needs, we'll see what we can do next time but we'd also like to encourage you to think about whether you could organize something that would provide what you're looking for yourself -- on your own or with a friend or two. The excitement people have shown for [community profile] yuri_challenge shows that there's a lot of enthusiasm around DW for female-character-focused events. If there's something in particular that you'd really love to see, chances are you're not alone!
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