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Title: Professional Development
Creator: [personal profile] stealth_noodle
Rating: NC-17 (drunk sex)
Warning: None.
Word Count: 4449
Prompt: Franziska x Ema - They both know a thing or two about professional disappointments.
Teaser: This was not the sort of thing Ema Skye usually did, but she also didn't usually run into hot lawyers who flirted with her over too many drinks.

This would have been posted so much less late if it hadn't completely run away with me. )
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Title: A Light That Never Goes Out
Creator: [personal profile] stealth_noodle
Rating: R (xeno sex)
Warning: None.
Word Count: 1195
Prompt: Esper Terra/any female Esper, Communion.
Teaser: She is all the colors of fire, a spectrum ablaze.

Meanwhile, back on the airship... )
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Title: Rewind
Creator: [personal profile] terajk
Rating: Mature
Warning: Spoilers through episode 10. Also (skip) violence, major character death, vomit.
Word Count: 1035 
Prompt: Homura/Madoka, dutiful

I have lifetimes )
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Title: Fireworks
Creator: [personal profile] stealth_noodle
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2017
Prompt: Pearl x Trucy, Apollo Justice timeline - they've always wanted a family, and find one in one another. (Or: their epic plot to set daddy Phoenix up with Mystic Maya backfires when they end up falling for one another.)
Teaser: "Why is it so hard to get them to figure out that they're obviously in love with each other?"

Epic plot backfiring time! )
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Title: Caught
Creator: [personal profile] ivoryandhorn
Rating: hard R
Warning: noncon
Word Count: ~1200
Prompt: Dead Master/Black★Rock Shooter, ...I still remember / the smile when you tore me apart.

She smiles, triumphant, and Black★Rock Shooter searches her green eyes for a signal, a sign. This time, there is none. )
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Title: By foot, it's a slow climb
Creator: [personal profile] troublesteady
Rating: Adult
Warning: Depiction of PTSD, war/military setting.
Prompt: Any fandom, any pairing, You make me think that maybe I won't die alone

Filicia knows she's dreaming, because ever since Vingt she can only dream in shades of grey. )
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Title: god put a song on my palm
Creator: [personal profile] jukeboxhound (formerly [personal profile] hadesphoenix )
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1,850
Prompt: Tifa/Aeris, work-worn hands.
Note: Slight fusion with SPN, but you can just consider it a real-life AU instead. The "Jesse" here is the character from the beginning of the game.

(Alternate link.)

There were odd calluses from the grip of a shotgun, a machete, an iron crowbar, because you never knew what a case would demand while hunting. )
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Title: Just Music and You
Creator: [personal profile] dagas_isa/[ profile] dagas_isa
Rating: T
Warning: None
Word Count: 586
Prompt: Fran/Penelo, lap dance

Penelo dances to the music she and Fran make. )
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Title: A Moment of Light
Creator: [personal profile] littlebutfierce/[ profile] paperwar
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Word Count: 512
Prompt: Reiko/Hinoe, watching fireflies

Read more... )
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Title: Preparation
Creator: [personal profile] pi
Rating: PG-13
Warning: none
Word Count: 1652
Prompt: FF7, Tifa/Aeris, overfilling a corset
Teaser: Aeris and Tifa go clothes shopping. Could vaguely be part of a college AU, or not.

Preparation )
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Title: Tea and Cake and a Kiss
Creator: [personal profile] littlebutfierce/[ profile] paperwar
Rating: General audiences
Warning: None
Word Count: 1428
Prompt: Ui/Azusa, sit back and be taken care of for a change

Read more... )
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Title: Follow
Creator: [ profile] anenko
Rating: PG
Warning: No warnings.
Word Count: 609
Prompt: Any fandom, any pairing, Just hold on to me, I'll hold on to you

They all change on the court. )

Don't know Beach Stars? Have a little look at the characters.
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Title: Coming Home
Creator: [personal profile] pi
Rating: PG
Warning: none
Word Count: 1002
Prompt: High School of the Dead, Rika/Shizuka, "I'm coming home."
Teaser: There are people she cares about here. She has a place to be.

Coming Home )
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Title: Her Little Secret
Creator: Wallwalker
Rating: R
Warning: Masturbation. Age difference (but not 16 or younger.)
Word Count: 583
Prompt: Star Ocean 2, Rena/Celine, After smelling Celine's perfume, Rena really wants her.

Read more... )
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Title: Thinking
Creator: [personal profile] pi
Rating: PG
Warning: none
Word Count: 1084
Prompt: High School of the Dead, Saeko Busujima/Saya Takagi, "Does my presence bother you?"
Teaser: Someone interrupts Saya's thoughts.

Thinking )
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Title: The Path to True Love is a Winding Mess
Creator: [personal profile] emothy
Rating: G
Fandom: K-on!
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Mio/Azusa, Ritsu, Yui, Mugi, (Ui, Jun).
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 1144
Prompt: Mio/Azusa, Out of all of Azusa's sempais, Mio-sempai is the only one she really respects.
Notes: This is my first attempt at K-On! fic. I only watched the anime recently, and mainlined both seasons within just a couple of weeks, but I really wanted to contribute to this community somehow! (Be gentle with me? ;]) Also I used senpai not sempai, but they're rather interchangeable anyway.


Bad enough that it takes Azusa two weeks to gather up the courage to tell Mio-senpai how she feels- )
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Title: Future
Creator: [personal profile] pi
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Reference to character death, but no more than the original story
Word Count: 822
Prompt: Clover, Oruha/Suu, future
Teaser: Su rarely imagines the future.

Future )
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Title: Reading
Creator: [personal profile] chofi
Rating: PG
Warning: Spoilers through episode 7.
Word Count: 607
Prompt: Taishou Yakyuu Musume: Akiko/Koume, like a marriage
Teaser: As her catcher and as her friend, Koume needed to read and understand Akiko-san, and right now Akiko-san needed someone to be close.

Koume knew that she had to hold out a little hope so that Akiko-san didn't think her efforts were in vain. )
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Title: Comrade
Creator: [personal profile] mother_hearted
Rating: R
Warning: [Spoilers for DDS1: Maribel Base], Implied Violence, Blood/Gore, Minor Cannibalism
Word Count: 585
Prompt: her fingers touch her insides

Being close to her like this, it makes her hurt even though the battle is over and done )
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Title: Mine and Thine
Creator: [personal profile] sheffiesharpe 
Rating: NC-17/NSFW/Explicit for fisting, incest
Warning: None of the challenge-required warnings apply.
Word Count: 2010 words
Prompt: Piracy
Teaser: "I'd give you my whole hand, if you would but give me your leave."

Every time she steps into the Captain's cabin, Faris steals both time and breath. )


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