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Her Little Secret, SO2, Rena/Celine

Title: Her Little Secret
Creator: Wallwalker
Rating: R
Warning: Masturbation. Age difference (but not 16 or younger.)
Word Count: 583
Prompt: Star Ocean 2, Rena/Celine, After smelling Celine's perfume, Rena really wants her.


The little scrap of cloth was Rena's little secret, because she doesn't know what Celine would say if she knew, but she's pretty sure she wouldn't be happy. She seems to want to forget that the whole thing happened at all, and she thinks that everybody else has, too, and maybe that's for the best. What would they say if they did try to talk about it, anyway?

And Rena has forgotten most of it, so at least she won't have to lie very much if Celine ever asks her about it - not that she thinks she ever will. She only remembers that her vision was sort of hazy, that her heart was beating, that suddenly Celine was the most attractive thing she'd ever seen in her life. That's it, before she opened her eyes (when had she closed them?) and realized that she had no idea where she actually was or how she'd gotten there, but she was standing awfully close to Celine all of a sudden.

She remembered enough, though. She remembered how warm and tense she'd felt, how much she'd wanted to touch Celine, to pull her down and kiss her. And when Celine had swept out past her - when she'd smelled the very last trace of the perfume on her cloak - she'd wanted to grab her and pull her back, and the only reason she hadn't was because of how harried she'd looked.

Celine knew that she'd torn her cloak in all of the excitement; Rena remembered how upset she'd been, how much she'd complained over ruining a perfectly good silk cloak. She had thought that someone had grabbed it and torn it off of her, that she'd never see it again.

She was right, almost. She wasn't going to see it again, because Rena wasn't going to let her know that she had it. Celine had left it behind when she'd run away, and hadn't even noticed it. But Rena had seen it, and something had made her want to pick it up and hold it to her face, smell the sweet traces of perfume....

It didn't do the same thing that it had before, not quite. She didn't feel the strange disconnection that she'd felt before. But she still felt warm, her body tingling as she breathed it in, and she knew then that she wasn't going to leave it there. She picked it up and hastily tucked it into her pocket, before she turned to follow Celine into the park.

She didn't take it out every night. She couldn't; sometimes she had to share rooms with the others, and she didn't want to wake them, didn't want them to know what she did at night when she thought about it. But when they had enough room to sleep alone, she would take the cloth out of her pocket, breathe in the intoxicating scent of Celine's perfume, and feel the same warmth, the same heat between her legs, and she would wish that Celine was there to touch her the way that she touched herself, and gasp out her friend's name as she started to shake.

It was all right, Rena told herself, if she kept it a secret. Celine would probably be mortified if she knew about any of this, the way she'd been mortified over the whole incident in the first place. What she didn't know wouldn't bother her, and Rena...

Well, maybe it wasn't enough, not really. But it was close.
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Wow! Very nice! I love the fact that the perfume still affected Rena while it's clear that she was actually attracted to Celine.

Thanks for the fill!
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Aww, Rena. I have a big soft spot for this pairing, and just... awww.