Dec. 3rd, 2011

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Gosh, the enthusiasm here is humbling and exciting!

We're less than halfway through nominations, and you have collectively suggested 76 fandoms you'd like to see, and over 360 characters. *_*

I've been inputting your nominations as we go to the Yuri Challenge Tag Set, where you can browse to see what other people have added (and double check to make sure I haven't messed up any characters for your fandoms -- I caught myself associating somebody to the wrong fandom once, but I certainly would be grateful for other people checking my work). We have a lot of anime/manga fandoms, a healthy selection of video games, a few sentai shows and (so far) one k-drama. Please give your friends a heads-up, especially if you're into these less-represented categories! We'd love to see more participation from them. (Also, if you have suggestions for places we could promote the challenge specifically to sentai and/or drama fans, we'd be happy to hear about them.)

If you haven't nominated your favorite fandoms yet, or if you'd like to add more characters to an existing nomination, the nominations post is over this way.
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