Nov. 28th, 2011

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Hey all! Ready to get this thing fired up for another round of fabulous f/f fic and art?

We'd like to try something a little different this time -- instead of running another prompt fest, we're hoping you'll join us for a Valentine's exchange.

Here's the quick rundown of how things will work:

Where: Fandom/character nominations happen right here; signups and posting will happen on the AO3 so we can use their automated tools.

When: Fandom/character nominations start right now (nominations post!) and run until December 12. Signups open December 13 and run until December 28. Assignments go out on December 28 (or 29 if matching is tough) and fic/art is due on February 10. (A mad dash for any necessary pinch hits goes here.) Fic and art goes live on the archive on February 14.

What: You commit to creating one story of 1000+ words, or two stories of 500+ words; or one polished artwork or two clean sketches. Your work should include some kind of sexual or romantic element between the characters (ETA: this sentence has been rephrased to remove the "relationship" phrasing; we don't mean to exclude encounters that are not part of an ongoing relationship). Explicit content is not required, but please make it clear that there is attraction and/or affection going on between these ladies.

Eligible fandoms: All East Asian source fandoms are eligible. The term "yuri" comes from Japanese fandom and is usually used in the anime/manga/video game parts of English-language fandom; we encouraged manhua and manhwa last round and are broadening this round to allow dramas & music fandoms from East Asian backgrounds also. (Please, if you're in those fandoms, encourage your friends to sign up! Neither of your mods has much background there.)

Eligible characters: All characters in this challenge should be female-identified. If a character's gender identity is presented ambiguously in canon, you may nominate her on the understanding that she will be treated as female for the purpose of this challenge. Characters who crossdress while clearly still identifying as male are not eligible.

If you need an AO3 account: Leave a comment to this post or PM either [personal profile] cypher or [personal profile] vangirl with your email address and we'll send you an invite so you can skip the queue.

Questions? What did I forget to cover? Ask away!
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Comment to this post to nominate fandoms and characters for the Valentine's 2012 exchange.

Fandoms: you may nominate up to four fandoms. All fandoms should be East Asian in origin.

Characters: you may nominate up to six characters in each fandom. All characters must be female-identified. Sexswapped versions of characters who are clearly male in canon are not allowed. Characters whose canon gender identity is ambiguous *are* allowed, on the understanding that works for this challenge need to treat them as identifying female.

Take a glance through existing comments before you add your nominations! If someone else has already nominated one of your fandoms, you don't need to use one of your own nomination slots for it. You may comment to the existing nomination to add up to six more characters to that fandom. See the first comments in this post for an example.

Please use the full names of fandoms and characters to help us get them all included correctly in signups.

EDIT: You can check on your nominations (and other people's nominations) at a glance by going to the tag set for Yuri Challenge 2012 -- if you spot any errors, please let me know!
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