Apr. 9th, 2011

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The results are in and were they ever close! There were quite a few five-way ties while the voting was going on. ^^

[Art; NWS] Blessings of Water (Tales of Legendia; Fenimore/Shirley) by [personal profile] lynndyre

[Fic; NWS] Mine and Thine (Final Fantasy V; Faris/Lenna) by [personal profile] sheffiesharpe

Most Exciting:
[Fic] Land of Wizards -A Mutual Understanding- (Kino no Tabi; Kino/Nimya) by [personal profile] redefined

Most Poignant:
[Fic] Her Little Secret (Star Ocean 2; Rena/Celine) by [personal profile] wallwalker

We also included a fifth secret category for this round! The voting system meant that some fics got voted for in several categories but didn't win any. The category is for the fic with the most votes overall!

Most Votes:
[Fic] Awakening (Revolutionary Girl Utena; Utena/Anthy) by [personal profile] stealth_noodle

The winners will receive 50 DW points within the week. :3
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