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marsupial fruitcake ([personal profile] cypher) wrote in [community profile] yuri_challenge2012-02-10 06:37 pm

Deadline passed -- anyone up for treats this weekend?

And there we are, deadline reached!

You have been awesome -- we've had a great participation rate and a wonderful variety of fandoms. Pinch hitters are now working on the last few outstanding assignments so that everyone will be covered by V-Day.

In the meantime, if you'd like to write or draw an extra treat for someone, you can now browse the whole list of requests to do so! (The list sorts by the date of the request by default, but you can use the buttons up top to sort by fandom -- or by prompter, if you have a special fandom someone you want to write/draw for.)

You don't need to be signed up for the exchange to post a treat, and you're welcome to post short fic and quick sketches as treats, too; all you need is an AO3 username for posting purposes. When your treat is done, you can use the "Post to Collection" button on the challenge profile page; make sure you fill in the name of the requester in the "Gift this work to" field of the posting form!

Thank you all for your support, your creativity, and your hard work! I can't wait to start opening these presents. ♥

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