cypher: (eve - the greatest gift)
marsupial fruitcake ([personal profile] cypher) wrote in [community profile] yuri_challenge2012-01-06 04:47 pm

Reminder: fill out your letters!

Quick reminder, all! While Dear Valentine letters are optional, if you did indicate that you'd have one, your creator is probably checking on it. Please, if your letter is still a placeholder, fill the details in!

Also, a few things to make sure of:

- Be sure your letter is unlocked! If your journal defaults to friends-only, you might want to double-check to make sure you've changed the security setting for that entry.

- Remember that both writers and artists play in this challenge! If your suggestions and preferences are entirely focused on one medium, see if you can go back and add a bit of info about the other to make sure your creator isn't left without guidance.

- You are welcome to link your letter in this post!

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