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Signups close to an end -- please check your offers!

Less than 48 hours now until signups close! I'll be cutting them off on the morning of Wednesday, December 28, around 8am in my time zone: convert to your time zone here.

If you have not yet signed up, here's where you can go to do so.

If you have signed up, please take a minute to browse the signup summary and see if there are any other offers you can comfortably make -- fandoms listed in red at the top have nobody offering them at all, and most of the fandoms with "(1, 1)" after them are only being offered by the person who requested them. Don't feel you need to offer things you don't want to write/draw! But if there are options there that you could comfortably add, it does help make matching smoother for everyone.

Finally: the pinch hit list! The pinch hit list is a group of volunteers who stand by to produce fic/art for the challenge if someone has to drop out (there are always at least a few). If you'd like to be on that list, add your email address here:

Google Groups

Subscribe to Yuri Challenge Pinch Hits


Visit this group

You'll then be on the email list that gets notified when a pinch hit is needed; at that point you volunteer to claim it if it looks like something you can do.