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Yuri Challenge Valentine's 2012: Fandom & Character Nominations

Comment to this post to nominate fandoms and characters for the Valentine's 2012 exchange.

Fandoms: you may nominate up to four fandoms. All fandoms should be East Asian in origin.

Characters: you may nominate up to six characters in each fandom. All characters must be female-identified. Sexswapped versions of characters who are clearly male in canon are not allowed. Characters whose canon gender identity is ambiguous *are* allowed, on the understanding that works for this challenge need to treat them as identifying female.

Take a glance through existing comments before you add your nominations! If someone else has already nominated one of your fandoms, you don't need to use one of your own nomination slots for it. You may comment to the existing nomination to add up to six more characters to that fandom. See the first comments in this post for an example.

Please use the full names of fandoms and characters to help us get them all included correctly in signups.

EDIT: You can check on your nominations (and other people's nominations) at a glance by going to the tag set for Yuri Challenge 2012 -- if you spot any errors, please let me know!

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